WTF: War Machine Is Writing ‘Painful’ Love Poems On Twitter Right Now

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MMA fighter War Machine is best known for brutally beating his ex-girlfriend, pornstar Christy Mack, before going on the lam.

War Machine, née Jon Koppenhaver, has been silent on Twitter since the first weeks of August. But in the past 24 hours, he’s begun tweeting again. So far, he’s sent out one quote from nihilist Friedrich Nietzsche and two original poems.

The poems are terrible — “roses are red / I found a man in our bed” — and lengthy. Koppenhaver writes of his self-described “pain.”

You know what’s painful? Twenty broken bones in the face and a ruptured liver.

Koppenhaver says that he “wait[s] for the reaper” and seemingly calls out Mack for having “sold [her] soul” for fame.

It’s unclear how Koppenhaver is accessing Twitter, as he was denied bail early in September. Koppenhaver awaits his October 17 trial at the Clark Country Detention Center in Las Vegas. Mack, who recently underwent reconstructive surgery, is expected to testify.

Koppenhaver faces 32 felony charges total, including sexual assault, attempted murder, domestic battery by strangulation and first-degree kidnapping.

Koppenhaver has been bizarrely tweeting his feelings.

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