Donald Trump’s Win Has Made Me Question What To Tell My Future Kids

For as long as I can remember, being a mom has been a dream of mine.

Im not saying I want to be a mom tomorrow, but the thought of eventually being a mother has always been part of my life plan.

In fact, between my dreams of becoming a famous singer (Im tone deaf) and marrying Seth Cohen (hes not real), becoming a mom seemed like the most attainable goal I had.

And the day Id become a momwould be one of the best days of my life. I would shower my kids with love, just like my parents showered me with love, and I would teach them anything is possible, just like my parents taught me anything is possible (hence, my dreams of becoming a singer and marrying Seth Cohen).

But those hopeful thoughts all changedfor me when I woke up this morning and realized we actually elected Donald Trump as our president.

Suddenly, the thought of becoming a mom doesnt fill me up with joy. No, instead I get sad and I get scared.

Why? Well, becauseI have no idea how I would explain all this ignorance and hate to a child.

What willI tell my kidsif I become a single mom?

Under Trump, 51 percent of single parentsmay see their taxes go up.

So what am I supposed to tell my kids when they ask why they cant go to that super nice school they got into?

Well, your dad left me. And as a result, my taxes went up so I cant afford it. Im sorry.

What willI tell my daughters when a man objectifies them at work?

That man could be president one day.

What willI tell my daughters when a man sexually assaults them?

That man could be president one day.

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What willI tell my sons when Im trying to teach them how to respect women?

I know you dont have to respect women to become the President of the United States, but its still important.

What willI tell my kids if theyre gay?

I love you, butyou might not be able to get married and live happily ever after like your straight brothers and sisters.

What willI tell my kids when their public schools dont teach them about climate change?

The president doesnt believe inclimate change,so they cant teach it. But it IS real, you guys, and we need to be careful because the Earthis sufferingand nobody is doing anything about it.

What willI tell my daughters if they want to become president?

Even if you are totally more qualified for the job, a completely incompetent man will probablybeat you.

What willI tell my kids when they ask why there hasnt been a female president yet?

The world wasnt ready.

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