Community Post: 25 Rubbable GIFs Of Hot Celeb Hunks

1. Hey girl, go run to Ryan Gosling.

2. And help Zac Efron put his shirt on.

3. How about you take Jon Hamm’s shirt off?

4. And Bradley Cooper’s…

5. Oh, and Usher.

6. Liam Hemsworth could really use your help watering the plants.

7. And Magic Mike is looking for a few audience volunteers.

8. Seriously, Joe Manganiello needs you to sway his hips.

9. And Taylor Lautner would love for you to accompany him on his walk through the woods.

10. Go ahead, make Jake Gyllenhaal smile.

11. And let JGL show you his vest.

12. Ryan Reynolds needs help with a post-workout shower.

13. And RDJ would like you to bite his lip.

14. Ian Somerhalder just wants to come closer.

15. Help Channing Tatum scrub the ground.

16. And get Jesse Williams dressed for work.

17. Open the door for Brad Pitt.

18. And just watch Chris Pine strut down those stairs.

19. You should probably help David Beckham with that underwear problem…

20. John Travolta can’t complete this Grease number without you.

21. And Dean Geyer needs to get out of the shower.

22. Let Chris Evans blow off some steam.

23. Never forget Skylar Astin’s ability to sing and dance beautifully.

24. Tom Hardy had to take off those shades to get a better look at you.

25. Oh, don’t forget to put Chris Hemsworth’s pants on.

Are you all OK?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

All GIFs found via tumblr.

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