A Day After Trump’s Elected, California’s Already Crying Out For A ‘Calexit’

Our country was shocked this morning when they woke up from itsnight of binge-drinking on a Tuesday andrecalled from its blackout, Oh, my dear Lord. Donald Trump was elected president.

When I woke up in my cozy, Californian converted garage apartment, I was blissfully unaware. I didnt think of anything except how thirsty I was and felt nothing except a skull-cracking headache.

But then, in a flood, the memories of the night before came back.

Im not ashamed to say I cried at the bar last night.

Im just a little ashamed to say I cried this morning with my head in the toilet, throwing up all the free shots the bartender gave me to try to dull the pain.

The hangover snuck up on me like Donald Trumps win.

Thousands Protest Against Trump

I never throw up from hangovers so Im pretty convinced that the phrase President Donald Trump actually made me toss my cookies.

But maybe theres hope for us and my dear, current home state of California. While Ill always remain a New Yorker, if Calexit happens, I think Ill stay.

After Donald Trump was elected, Californians beganstanding up, and saying they want to leave the union.

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