29 Pictures Of Oprah Posing With Things On Instagram

1. With Some Cars.

“Made it to the Euc forest. Misty up here.”

2. With Some Wigs.

“Me and my “girls ” in the makeup trailer. #theBUTLER”

3. With a Big Ass Flower.

“Sunday Happiness..just picked a hydrangea from my garden , that’s a. Whopper!”

4. Behind a Big Ass Flower.

“This one the biggest I’ve seen. Covers my whole face . Love Sundays!”

5. With Some Big Leaves.

Leaving One Sandy Lane Villa. Now on my top 3 list of favorite hotels. They are planting Coconut tree in my honor. Amazing service. Thanks Richard Hunt and entire staff. Felt like being on a great yacht!

6. With Rihanna in Barbados.

“@rihanna and I leaving after interview. She so surprised me, nothing like I expected.”

7. With Rihanna in a Car.

“Look who’s driving me around Barbados!”

8. With a Big Zit and a Zit-Popping Doctor

“Happiest moment: Dr.Christy Hurt comes to give me a shot for the big honking zits on my forehead. Honking zits not good for movie close ups.”

9. With a Treadmill.

“Happiest moment of the day: finishing the workout I didn’t want to start.”

10. With a Faceful of Silicon and also a Makeup Lady.

“Fun day. Makeup artists doing a silicon cast for my face for new movie the BUTLER directed by Lee Daniels”

11. With a Faceful of Silicon and also a Makeup Dude.

“Second layer. hello Halloween!”

12. With a Faceful of Plaster.

“Phase 3. Feeling a little claustrophobic in here.”

13. With a Handful of Silicon.

“Now onto hands. Same process.”

14. With Some Handprints.

“Finished product. We did teeth …but too gross to share. Happy Saturday see ya for Super Soul Sunday tmrw11 am.”

15. With a Basket Full of Tequila.

“Carl Lewis brings me a basket of tequila. Margarita’s anyone?”

16. With Some Gymnasts.

“The gymnasts. Nadia. Shawn. MaryLou and the non gymnast me.”

17. With Some Cars She Got from Ralph Lauren and also Stedman.

“Stedman and I headed up to Eucalyptus forest. Razors gift from Ralph Lauren love driving ‘em”

18. With a Wet Dog.

“And this is how the hike ended. Hosing down LUKE after his roll in cow poo. STINKY!”

19. With the Guys.

“Hangin with the guys! Wore my HIgheST hills and still felt short!”

20. With a Big Shiny Trophy.

“Getting ready to interview NBA Champs for NEXT CHAPTER!”

21. With Fiddy.

“Just leaving Fiddy’s house ..what a great conversation.”

22. With India Ariie.

“India Ariie in my favorite color for colored girls!”

23. With Some Shovels and a Tree and also Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher.

“Planting an “Oprah Oak” with Mike and Carrie on their new dream house property. Interview this Sunday nite NEXT CHAPTER”

24. With a Bunch of Flowers from Stedman.

“Stedman’s so sweet; had each dog send a separate bouquet with a paw note. Happy Mother’s day to all you real moms. Hardest job on earth. I salute you!”

25. With a Fluffy Dog.

“Trying to just say NO to another dog . But this little guy is pretty cute.”

26. With Pizza and also NPH and David Burtka.

“Neil Patrick Harris making pizza in his backyard. It was DELISH!”

27. With a Dog and also NPH and David Burtka.

“Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka, their dog Watson and me in their backyard. Interview for Next Chapter”

28. With a Handful of Hair.

“Doing hair backstage Lincoln center”

29. With One of the Kardashian People.

@kimkardashian: “Oh just me & @oprah!!! Can’t wait for you to see “Oprah’s Next Chapter” this Sunday!”

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