24 Derpiest Faces Of The World’s Strongest Man Competition

The World’s Strongest Man finals begin tomorrow in Sanya, China.

If you’ve never seen the World’s Strongest Man competition before, these guys are *built*.

They show incredible feats of strength…

1. And some of the derpiest faces known to man.

3. A 210lb shakeweight derp.

4. The ‘grin and bear it’ derp

10. “Bro, do you even lift?” DERP

13. Heavy concentration derp

15. A smiling derp

17. Hulk Hogan derp, brother

18. The rare sighting of the posed derp

19. Sheer pain in derp form

20. The derp of concentration

21. Total physical exderption

22. A derp praying to the gods for strength

23. Derping so strong your cheeks fly out of your face

24. …and the derp to end all derps.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/chrisstokelwalker/worlds-strongest-man-or-worlds-strongest-derp-88k0

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